Since 1989, WIKA has been working with CHRISANNE CLOVER 

from 1.12.20 we are:

European Accredited Official Stockist of CHRISANNE CLOVER



For Chrisanne Clover products available at

- place an order, select a delivery, payment method, and send the order.

For Chrisanne Clover products that are not available at

- see the offer CHRISANNE CLOVER choose any product, e.g. ANIMAL PRINT ON GEORGETTE  23 GBP/m (excl. VAT) save Product Code GEO.PRT/BLK.SAF

How to order?

- write to or tel.(GB, RUS) +48 89544940  with Product Code and quantity. The execution time depends on the release of the order from the Customs Agency. Today it's about 7-10 days.

How to convert the Chrisanne Clover price in GBP to Euro for products are not available at

For customers without active EU VAT NUMBER

- CC price 23GBP + 12% (exchane rate GBP/EURO, transport from UK, customs duty) + 23% VAT = 31,68€

For customers with active EU VAT NUMBER

- CC price 23GBP + 12% (exchane rate GBP/EURO, transport from UK, customs duty) + 0% VAT = 25,76€

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