Since 1989, WIKA has been working with CHRISANNE CLOVER 

from 1.12.20 we are:

European Accredited Official Stockist of CHRISANNE CLOVER



For Chrisanne Clover products available at

- place an order, select a delivery, payment method, and send the order.

For Chrisanne Clover products that are not available at

- see the offer CHRISANNE CLOVER choose any product, e.g. ANIMAL PRINT ON GEORGETTE  23 GBP/m (excl. VAT) save Product Code GEO.PRT/BLK.SAF

How to order?

- write to or tel.(GB, RUS) +48 89544940  with Product Code and quantity. The execution time depends on the release of the order from the Customs Agency. Today it's about 14 days.

How to convert the Chrisanne Clover price in GBP to Euro for products are not available at

For customers without active EU VAT NUMBER

- CC price 23GBP + 12% (exchane rate GBP/EURO, transport from UK, customs duty) + 23% VAT = 31,68€

For customers with active EU VAT NUMBER

- CC price 23GBP + 12% (exchane rate GBP/EURO, transport from UK, customs duty) + 0% VAT = 25,76€

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