How to wash polyester, viscose and cotton fabric?
Polyester is a synthetic fabric, extremely durable and easy to maintain. Strong fibers makes the material does not tear and does not shrink. Polyester with ingredients require special treatment and does not like hot water. All manufacturers of such materials recommend only dry cleaning. Hot washing clothes or other products made of polyester is not recommended because it can discolor and change it's properties. After such treatment the fabric may lose its natural look can dye and will be crushed very easily . Washing dance articles not according with the provisions of the laundry will void the warranty and prevents complaints.

How to stick the stones to the fabric so as not to fall off?
You should prepare the applicator (link), scatter stones on the saucer. Apply the adhesive to the material: dots or lines depending on the pattern. Pickup the stone (which lies flat side down),with the wax tip of the apllicator, apply glue and press. The stone will stick. Press the stone withe the other side of the stick so the glue will douse the edges of the stone. Allow to dry.
After sticking with Wika adhesive, Chrisanne Clover you can iron the glued stones on the left side of the fabric.
IMPORTANT! do not stick your fingers or tweezers.

Instructional video.

How to use Hotfix applicator?
A method of bonding the applicator.
Select the correct size tip applicator for the size of zirconia. Screw it, just at the moment when the applicator is cold. Flat tips apply when there is no matching the size of the zirconia.

Plug in and turn it on. Wait for about 2 minutes.
1. On the crystal lying flat side down, apply the applicator gently on the crystal and lift it.
2. After about 5 seconds, depending on the size of the adhesive on the zirconia begin to be wet and shiny. Then,  the crystal is ready to stick.
3. Gently press the applicator to the surface at an angle of 90 ° and lift it. If cubic zirconia will not stick properly you should warm up again and repeat the bonding applicator.
4. flat tip can "improve" the process of bonding.

Note: be careful! The applicator tip, and rhinestones are hot. You can touch them after cooling down.

How to secure cut woven tassels so they wont tear?
There is the possibility of ripping the cut fringe.
They can be "protected" as follows:
1. At the end of fringe tie the knot.
2. Spray the ends with hair spray or paint them with clear nail polish.
3. Sear fringe ends.

None of the processes are 100% effective. Woven fringes should not be washed in the washing machine and spined. If the fringes electrify, you should spray them with liquid antistatic.

How many meters of georgette you should use to sew a skirt from one wheel?
Use the 2.8 m georgette with a width of 110cm or georgette or 1,4m width of 150cm.

How many layers should a skirt with georgette have?
Georgette skirt should be, for example. 3 layers, so the amount of material needed to be multiplied x 3.

How to dye fabric with Dylon paint?

1. Thoroughly wash cloth and leave it moist.
2. Fill vessel with suitable amount of hot water so the whole of
the fabric is immersed in water.
3. Put rubber gloves, dissolve the paint in approx. 500ml. boiling
water mixing thoroughly.
4. Add melted before paint into a container with fabric by adding
approx. 30g. salt mixing thoroughly all the time.
5. Unfold the cloth in water while stirring, and cook for approx. 20 minutes.
6. Rinse until the water runs clear.

How to dye satin shoes?
Prepare saucer with prepared paint (a small amount of powder Dylon triturated with water. 1 pack of Dylon paint is enough for dyeing approx. 10 pairs of shoes. We prepare a stick with cotton and soaked in the paint. Put some paint on satin evenly and quickly without letting the edges of the paint from drying out . It is better to apply more paint for the first time than apply a second coat after the first one is dry. Leave the shoes to dry.

How to wear the hair net on a bun?
After the bun is finished best to pin it up with cufflinks and use hair spray. Remove one net from the package and spread. Such a net after stretching is large enough to set up the entire head of an adult. The little bun should assume once rotate the 180 ° and replaced several times until the end of the net, the ends of the net pin clips and sprayed with hairspray.

How much does 1 meter of lycra weigh?
1 meter of lycra weighs approx. 0.25kg.

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